About Us

Driving Innovation, Advancing Service

Our Vision

People living in healthy communities protected from infectious diseases and environmental health hazards through innovative research and collaborative public health solutions.

Our Values

Integrity, transparency, accountability, independence from influence, cooperation, and public good. 

Our Mission

Established to protect and promote health, prevent harm, and prepare for threats by inspiring vision and philanthropy, the BCCDC Foundation works in partnership with the BC Centre for Disease Control to foster the development of key partnerships and collaborations that will result in the advancement of public health in BC and beyond.

Since its inception, the Foundation has raised more than $11M and supported 30 unique research, knowledge translation, personnel, and capital projects , as well as more than 35 small pilot projects that seed research and knowledge translation activities.

Our Strategic Plan

Below you can read more information in our simplified and extended document.


Annual Reports

The BCCDC Foundation for Public Health continues to undergo strategic development and growth. By inspiring action and advocacy in BC, we remain committed to protecting the health of people in British Columbia, preventing threats to public health, and helping BC prepare for threats to our community’s health. Each year we elevate our mission to improve population and public health for British Columbia. We invite you to read our annual reports and financial statements as we showcase our stories and successes.

Our Team

Kristy Kerr

Executive Director

Lisa Young

Operations Coordinator

Kim Acedo

Communications Officer

Matthew Wright

Director of Operations


Board of Directors

It is with a great dedication to public health that these leaders come together to support and grow the BCCDC Foundation. Coming from diverse backgrounds, our Board of Directors make up a unique team with the experience and expertise, and the willingness to ‘drive innovation and advance service’.

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