Activate Health

Activate Health is a battle cry for
British Columbians

We are starting a conversation about what health means, and why we need to think about health from a different and more holistic viewpoint. The nature of public health is collaborative, and this means you can be involved too!

In our health care system we think about the sick, the vulnerable, the injured. If we create a system where we think about the healthy, happy, safe human we begin to create a place of health rather than illness, social support rather than marginalization, protection rather than pain, security rather than risk. We aim for wellbeing across all parameters of life; we aim to prolong life; we aim for a healthy human.

Activate Health is a call for you to be a health ambassador in your community. If we, together, try to achieve healthier lifestyles, support research and public health professionals to prevent disease and problems from happening, we can protect the health of all our communities now and for future generations.


The BCCDC Foundation for Public Health is launching a series of events and content to help guide you to Activate Health in your community. 

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