Activate Health

Activate Health is a battle cry for
British Columbians

Activate Health is a call for you to be a health ambassador in your community.

In our healthcare system we think about the sick, the vulnerable, the injured. If we create a system where we think about the healthy, happy, safe human we create a place of health rather than illness, social support rather than marginalization, protection rather than pain, security rather than risk. We aim for wellbeing across all parameters of life; we aim to prolong life; we aim for a healthy human.

This is what we’re starting through Activate Health. It’s about shifting the lens on how we see, think about, and engage with our health. And we want you to join us in taking action.

Individual actions can have a population impact. By working together to shift how we see health and how we engage with our healthcare system, we can protect the health of our communities now and for future generations.

This is our battle cry.



The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented public health emergency. Public health experts across Canada and our leaders at the BC Centre for Disease Control have taken swift action to protect our population and prevent the spread of the virus. Here’s some of the most relevant information and resources to understand the issues, and protect yourself and your loved ones.


Toxic Drug Poisoning Crisis

BC is in a public health emergency—the toxic drug poisoning crisis. We’ve developed resources about the crisis, stigma, and overdose response and harm reduction. Learn more about how you can support people who use drugs and make a positive difference.


Decoding Public Health

Public health is a very broad and diverse field, dealing with the health of the population as a whole. There are many aspects to public health – but essentially public health is about and for all of us. We are breaking down different concepts in order to ‘decode public health’ so everyone can get involved. Learn more about public health and why supporting our initiatives can help to improve the health of our population.


Activate Health

Activate Health is our battle cry for British Columbians—a call for you to be a health ambassador in your community. From stopping the spread of misinformation, to promoting gender equality, and eliminating stigma, learn about how your individual actions can make a positive difference for the health of our population.



The BCCDC Foundation for Public Health is launching a series of events and content to help guide you to Activate Health in your community.
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