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Upstream 101: Decoding Public Health

Word of the day: Upstream. Nope, not talking about fishing, that’s definitely not our area of expertise. Nor are we talking about an actual stream. Rather, this Decoding Public Health story is centered on a metaphorical stream. Upstream has become a key analogy for how we need to think about health. An analogy that encourages …

Social Determinants of Health 101: Decoding Public Health

We toss around a lot of acronyms in the public health world. Here’s one you may have seen before–SDOH. It’s an acronym with a lot of weight, and one we need to put more emphasis on in order to address health inequities and create a truly healthy society. So what does it stand for and …

Public Health 101: Decoding Public Health!

We keep writing about things related to public health, talking about the parts that make up the whole. But what is the whole? What the heck is public health anyway? Public health is a very broad and diverse field, consisting of many different areas. Well-known public health initiatives include vaccination programs, smoking cessation campaigns, hand …

Signs of an Overdose, and What to do

To to identify the signs of an opioid overdose and what to do if you encounter one.

The Healthy Human 101: Decoding Public Health

It’s Kristy here, ED of the BCCDC Foundation, and for this month’s Decoding Public Health piece, I’d like to turn things to you, our readers, and get you thinking about a few things…and let’s see if we can start a conversation about health. I was invited to present at the Whole Human Summit recently, which …

Words Matter – Videos

We created short videos to help change the conversation about stigma.

Harm Reduction 101: Decoding Public Health

Harm reduction is a significant and vital part of public health. In the simplest terms, harm reduction is reducing the risks to people doing an activity without requiring them to stop. It is a philosophy, based in human rights, that supports strategies to reduce harmful effects of certain behaviours, through policy and programming. As a …

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Health Equity 101: Decoding Public Health

Last month we talked about health promotion and in the next of our series ‘decoding public health’, let’s talk a bit about health equity. What is it and why is it so important? Health equity means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to meet their highest health potential. And there should be no …

FAQs: the Overdose Crisis, Stigma, and What You Can Do

Just starting to learn about substance use, the overdose crisis, and stigma? Not sure where to start? Check out some handy FAQs