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Infographics and social media images

Here you’ll find downloadable infographics and images on how to stay safe during COVID-19.

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Support the research

COVID-19 research is vitally needed and requires ongoing support from donors who care about the health of our population. Learn more about how you can help.

COVID-19 Blog posts

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Responding to COVID-19 and Preparing for Future Outbreaks

The BC Centre for Disease Control is engaging in critical public health research to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in BC. The BCCDC’s public health experts, scientists, and doctors have rapidly responded to prevent the spread of the virus, help save lives, and protect British Columbians.

BC COVID-19 Combat Collective

The BCCDC Foundation has joined forces with VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, BC Cancer Foundation, and UBC to combat COVID-19 in BC.

Combating COVID-19 on a population level

Gifts to the Emergency Response Fund are supporting 3 phases of public health research at the BCCDC, which will keep British Columbians safe from COVID-19.