Conversion Therapy in Canada and LGBTQ2S Health

Conversion Therapy in Canada and LGBTQ2S Health

Conversion therapy is still happening in Canada, today. This is something that we as Canadians often hear about in relation to our neighbours to the south, but not so much about here at home. It’s true, though. No federal bans have been put in place to stop these practices, and it’s still going on.

Not sure what conversion therapy is? In simple terms it’s the practice of trying to “repair”, change, or suppress a person’s sexual orientation/attraction to members of the same gender, or do the same to their gender identity or expression. It is neither effective at changing sexual orientation or gender identity, and can cause numerous psychological harms.

Here’s the point where you may be wondering “why is the BCCDC Foundation, which focuses on public health, talking about conversion therapy?” That’s fair. This is important to us and part of our current Emerging Areas priority because of the health implications that are caused and exacerbated by conversion therapy, and because it’s an issue of health equity.

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