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The most effective way you can help the BCCDC Foundation impact public health is by making a monthly donation. Each month, your gift will allow us to fund responses to emerging threats as they happen. Your support will allow us to invest in projects that look at our population’s health over time, getting the full picture of how chronic and communicable diseases impact us. And your monthly donation will provide the stability and security necessary so we’ll never have to say “no” to the next innovation that will keep you and your family healthy.

Start your monthly donation to the Driving Innovation Fund today to support the future of your health, and the health of all British Columbians and become a member of the Advocators Circle. The Advocators Circle is a community of monthly supporters committed to protecting the health of our communities today and for the future.

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To learn more about joining the Advocators Circle, please contact us at or (604) 707-2400 ext. 273067.

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Prefer to give via cheque from your bank account of choice? You can send us post-dated cheques to:

BCCDC Foundation for Public Health
655 West 12 th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Z 4R4

To learn more about donation opportunities, or our recognition program for gifts over $5,000, please contact us at or (604) 707-2400 ext. 273067.

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