Support the Research

Support the Research

Research is key to curbing the current threat and understanding COVID-19’s long-term implications, protecting us from future risks. Learn how you can support critical research that will help keep our population safe.

Rapid Response to COVID-19: Your Donations at Work: British Columbians have contributed over $320,000 to support new research at the BCCDC that will protect us from COVID-19.

Combating COVID-19 on a Population Level: Gifts to the Emergency Response Fund are supporting 3 phases of public health research at the BCCDC, which will keep British Columbians safe from COVID-19.

BC COVID-19 Combat Collective: The BCCDC Foundation has joined forces with VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, BC Cancer Foundation, and UBC to combat COVID-19 in BC.

Calling on British Columbians: Help Rapid-Response Efforts: We’re calling on all British Columbians to donate to the Emergency Response Fund to help the public health experts working to protect our population.

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