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Newsletter #10: March 2020

Please click through to read this month’s issue about what the BCCDC Foundation is doing in the face of COVID-19, and what you can do, to help during this public health emergency. This issue includes a message from the new head of BCCDC, Dr. Réka Gustafson. Subscribe here to stay up to date with our …

Calling on British Columbians: Help Rapid-Response Efforts

We’re calling on all British Columbians to donate to the Emergency Response Fund to help the public health experts working to protect our population.

Pandemics: the Terminology

When we’re talking about pandemics, there’s a lot of jargon. Here’s some of the most common terms, explained.

Pandemics & How to Flatten the Curve

Pandemics are serious, but there’s simple things you can do to help stop the spread, and flatten the curve.

Emergency Response Fund

We’ve launched an Emergency Response Fund to support efforts to address COVID-19, and future emergencies.

Decoding Public Health: Racism, Xenophobia, & Epidemics

This epidemic may be new, but the racism and xenophobia that has come with it isn’t.