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Social Inclusion 101: Decoding Public Health

Social inclusion is an imperative part of a healthy lifestyle.

Decoding Public Health: Racism, Xenophobia, & Epidemics

This epidemic may be new, but the racism and xenophobia that has come with it isn’t.

Reflections on PHABC’s “Simplifying Complexity”

On November 14-15, we attended the Public Health Association of BC Conference, “Simplifying Complexity”, to connect with our like-minded public health peers who are doing amazing work and listened to fascinating presentations. An always-inspiring two days, talks showcased work ranging from substance use and the overdose crisis, to food security and safety, to wicked problems …

"Public Health" written in the middle of the image, in a circle, with other public health terms like "surveillance", "knowledge translation", "disease prevention", "outbreaks", "policy", "monitoring" written around it with arrows pointing from public health to those other terms.

Public Health 101: Decoding Public Health!

We keep writing about things related to public health, talking about the parts that make up the whole. But what is the whole? What the heck is public health anyway? Public health is a very broad and diverse field, consisting of many different areas. Well-known public health initiatives include vaccination programs, smoking cessation campaigns, hand …

The Healthy Human 101: Decoding Public Health

It’s Kristy here, ED of the BCCDC Foundation, and for this month’s Decoding Public Health piece, I’d like to turn things to you, our readers, and get you thinking about a few things…and let’s see if we can start a conversation about health. I was invited to present at the Whole Human Summit recently, which …

Conversion Therapy in Canada and LGBTQ2S Health

Conversion therapy is still happening in Canada, today. This is something that we as Canadians often hear about in relation to our neighbours to the south, but not so much about here at home. It’s true, though. No federal bans have been put in place to stop these practices, and it’s still going on. Not …