Beyond the Ban: A Public Health Strategy to Eradicate Anti-2S/LGBTQ Practices

In this guest blog post, Dr Travis Salway returns to provide an update on his previous blog post on conversion therapy, including the recent passing of Bill C-4, and to propose what needs to be done next.

Social Justice and Public Health: Taking Action

Each of us has the power to create meaningful change that our world urgently needs. Here are 8 ways you can support social justice and public health right away.

Reflections: Conversion Therapy Survivors Dialogue – Part 2

Read through part 1 of this series for Katie’s reflections and key takeaways from attending a conversion therapy survivors dialogue event. What does conversion therapy have to do with public health? Public health is about preventing disease and injury, promoting health, ensuring that everyone has the same opportunities to achieve their optimal health (health equity), …

Newsletter #5: October 2019

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Conversion Therapy in Canada and LGBTQ2S Health

Conversion therapy is still happening in Canada, today. This is something that we as Canadians often hear about in relation to our neighbours to the south, but not so much about here at home. It’s true, though. No federal bans have been put in place to stop these practices, and it’s still going on. Not …