Tag: Social Determinants of Health

Women’s Health is Public Health: Advancing Equity

One’s gender identity is a major influencer over one’s health. Women and all genders should have the opportunity to reach their highest health potential. In this blog post, learn three questions to consider if you want to support gender health equity.

Newsletter #40: February 2023

This month, we’re excited to announce our new three-year strategic plan, where we share about the future of our organization over the next three years. Plus, Black History Month and health equity. Check it all out!

How Black History Month Promotes Health Equity

In our Black History Month blog post, learn five ways to get involved and promote health equity for Black Canadians in February and beyond. Plus, check out our list of resources for further learning.

Building on Lessons Learned: COVID-19 SPEAK 1 & 2 Survey Update

We’re thrilled to share that the research methods for the BC COVID-19 SPEAK Surveys 1 & 2 that we funded have been published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health.

The Impact of Activate Health in 2021-22

Through Activate Health, we call on you to be a health ambassador for your community! Last year, through our blog posts, we wove many Activate Health principles into the conversation. Read on for highlights of some of our most impactful messages last year, and why they are very much still relevant to the health, resiliency, and recovery of our province today.

Decoding Public Health Infographics and Downloads

Here you’ll find downloadable infographics from our Decoding Public Health series.

Newsletter #28: September 2021

Visualizing the Social Determinants of Health, The Healthy Human and the Social Determinants of Health, 7 Ways to Promote Gender Equality, and more in our September newsletter!

Visualizing the Social Determinants of Health

Our understanding of the social determinants of health has expanded over the past few decades. In this guest blog post, learn about how public health experts at the BC Centre for Disease Control are finding new ways to help people understand this important public health concept.

The Healthy Human and the Social Determinants of Health

What does our Executive Director’s vision of ‘the healthy human’ look like? How does that relate to the social determinants of health? Earlier this year, our ED Kristy Kerr had this conversation on the Small Conversations for a Better World Podcast. Check it out!

The Health of Our Planet Affects the Health of Our Population

Climate change is not only a public health issue, it’s a public health emergency. In this blog post, we share three ways you can Activate Health, and how, by your individual actions, you can help create a positive impact for the population.