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Your Health, Our Commitment: Strengthening public health to foster healthy and resilient communities

Through Your Health, Our Commitment, we are engaging in collaborative initiatives with our strong and established partners, and embracing a shared responsibility to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of British Columbians. This is our commitment to your health. Learn more!

Our Story: Driving Positive Change for the Mental Well-being of Children and Youth

The first week of May is Mental Health Week in Canada; a time to raise awareness of, and advocate for, mental health. This year’s theme was ‘My Story,’ the aim of which was to amplify voices, share experiences, make connections, and ultimately help people who may feel alone in their own story to recognize themselves …

SPEAK to Us: Help Improve the Health of Your Community

You are invited to participate in SPEAK 3, the latest population health survey for British Columbians. We want to know how you’re doing. You’ll be asked questions such as: How is your health and mental wellbeing? Do you feel connected to your community? Are your healthcare needs being met? Our Foundation is pleased to have …

Researchers Examine Vaccine Confidence and Hesitancy in Healthcare Settings in Northern BC

Through an online survey, researchers conducted a survey to better understand vaccine confidence and vaccine hesitancy in individuals working in healthcare settings in Northern BC. In this guest blog post, learn what they discovered.

We’re Growing Our Team to Help Advance Public Health in BC

We’ve added two members to our team! Nadine Nickull is our Associate Director of Fund Development, and Kristi Ferguson is our Associate Director of Marketing and Communications. Learn more about Nadine and Kristi in our blog post.

Activate Health: Why #PublicHealthMatters

In light of Public Health Week recently, in this month’s Activate Health blog post, we talk about why #PublicHealthMatters more than ever for us, for you, and for everyone.

New Pandemic Recovery Projects Helping BC Advance Equity and Community Resiliency

We’ve been hard at work supporting pandemic recovery in our province. In this blog post, learn about some impactful projects we’re working on to advance equity and community resiliency in BC.

Women’s Health is Public Health: Advancing Equity

One’s gender identity is a major influencer over one’s health. Women and all genders should have the opportunity to reach their highest health potential. In this blog post, learn three questions to consider if you want to support gender health equity.

How Black History Month Promotes Health Equity

In our Black History Month blog post, learn five ways to get involved and promote health equity for Black Canadians in February and beyond. Plus, check out our list of resources for further learning.

Building on Lessons Learned: COVID-19 SPEAK 1 & 2 Survey Update

We’re thrilled to share that the research methods for the BC COVID-19 SPEAK Surveys 1 & 2 that we funded have been published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health.