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The Health of Our Planet Affects the Health of Our Population

Climate change is not only a public health issue, it’s a public health emergency. In this blog post, we share three ways you can Activate Health, and how, by your individual actions, you can help create a positive impact for the population.

Safer Seafoods for Coastal BC First Nations Communities

In this guest blog post by Lorraine McIntyre, Food Safety Specialist with Environmental Health Services at the BC Centre for Disease Control, learn about how our changing climate and human activities is increasingly threatening seafood sources especially for Indigenous peoples along BC’s Pacific coast.

The BCCDC Foundation is Hiring!

We are excited to announce that we are hiring two new director-level positions! Check out our blog post to learn what those positions are and how to apply. We encourage you to please share this blog post with those who may be interested.

Indigenous Health and Rights: Time for a Healing Way Forward

June is National Indigenous History Month, and we must work today, and for the future, on the hard truths and vital reconciliations—we must work toward healing. From a public health perspective, in this blog post, we share ways, through a collective commitment, that we can do this together.

A True Celebration of Kindness

On May 30th, Congregation Beth Israel’s Annual Gala honoured Dr Bonnie Henry with the ‘Keter Ha’Bri’ut’ (‘Crown of Health’) award. In this blog post, read highlights from the gala and how much the event raised for the BCCDC Foundation.

Help Put an End to BC’s Overdose Crisis: Support Peers on the Frontlines

Overdose deaths continue to rise in BC and First Nations people are disproportionally impacted. In this blog post, learn how you can support Compassion, Inclusion, & Engagement (CIE), a partnership program between the BC Centre for Disease Control, the First Nations Health Authority, and the BCCDC Foundation.

A New Partnership to Fund Priority Research on COVID-19 Vaccination in BC

In a new and unique partnership with Genome BC and the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, we’re proud to announce that we’re funding 9 new rapid-response vaccine research projects addressing COVID-19 vaccine research priorities and knowledge gaps in real-time.

Cats Needed for COVID-19 and Cats Study

Cats needed for BC Centre for Disease Control study! This study will help fill important information gaps on companion animals and COVID-19. Click below to learn more.

Happy Campers: 3rd BC Stay-at-Home Campout Still a Hit!

On May 1st, the Tarry family of Surrey, BC, held their third BC Stay-at-Home Campout fundraiser for the Foundation’s Emergency Response Fund. Read more, including the total raised over the three campouts!

Activate Health: Be a LGBTQ+ Ally

We recently celebrated the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia, yet these so-called ‘phobias’ still exist today. In this blog post, learn how you can Activate Health by being a LGBTQ+ ally.