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Project Update: BCCDC’s COVID-19 Wastewater Surveillance in Metro Vancouver Communities

With the help of some funding from the BCCDC Foundation, Dr Melissa Glier and Dr Natalie Prystajecky provide an update on their research progress on how wastewater data continues to be used in the pandemic response.

Activate Health to Protect Yourself and Your Community This Fall and Winter

With both COVID-19 and respiratory illnesses like influenza around us, we share the importance of staying safe for the protection of yourself and others as we move through another fall and winter season.

BCCDC Foundation Welcomes our First Director of Operations

We’ve added a new member to our team in a brand new role for the Foundation, Director of Operations!

Visualizing the Social Determinants of Health

Our understanding of the social determinants of health has expanded over the past few decades. In this guest blog post, learn about how public health experts at the BC Centre for Disease Control are finding new ways to help people understand this important public health concept.

7 Ways to Promote Gender Equality

It’s Gender Equality Week in Canada and while we’ve made some progress, we have not yet reached gender equality in Canada, or in the world. In this blog post, you’ll learn seven ways you can Activate Health and help promote gender equality.

The Healthy Human and the Social Determinants of Health

What does our Executive Director’s vision of ‘the healthy human’ look like? How does that relate to the social determinants of health? Earlier this year, our ED Kristy Kerr had this conversation on the Small Conversations for a Better World Podcast. Check it out!

Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Health and Well-Being of Young Adults in British Columbia

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us, though, some more than others. The BC COVID-19 SPEAK Survey we funded last year showed one key group that was experiencing significant unintended consequences of the pandemic: young adults.

Another Election, Another Reason to Talk About Voting and Health

Last year, we wrote “Why Voting is Good for Your Health and Our Collective Health.” This year, as we face a federal election, we’re once again urging all eligible people to vote, especially young adults.

Our Role in Helping to Address the COVID-19 Pandemic

As a small public health organization during a global pandemic, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished over the past 19 months. We invite you to come along this reflective journey with us.

The Health of Our Planet Affects the Health of Our Population

Climate change is not only a public health issue, it’s a public health emergency. In this blog post, we share three ways you can Activate Health, and how, by your individual actions, you can help create a positive impact for the population.